About Us

Paul WymanBrother-in-laws, Douglas Maas and Paul Wyman have owned and managed Retirement Living Management since its inception and the purchase of their first adult foster care home in 1998.

Paul and Doug share a “hands-on” management style and are both committed to continued growth for Retirement Living Management. Currently, they are located in 18 Michigan communities and are always actively looking for new locations where they can provide a community with services that meet the needs of their senior population.

Mission Statement

Douglas MaasThe desire of Retirement Living is to honor God by providing the elderly with a lifestyle that values their identity, their independence and their dignity.

To all the caregivers of Green Acres: How can we possibly single out persons who have given more to my sister than another? From our days of moving into her apartment to her daily needs; it has been wonderful and always with a big smile!

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